How do I Create and Receive Purchase Orders in TSS

To add a new purchase order in TSS go to the Orders and Returns section and then click New.



Order Information: This section is used to enter some base information for the order, see table below.


Order TypePurchase to receive product or Return to send product back to a vendor.
Order DateThe date of the order
When RequiredThis is a 10 character free type field. Default value of ASAP will be entered if left blank.
Ship ViaFree type field, usually set to UPS, FEDEX, etc.
FOBIndicates which party will be responsible for shipping costs.
TermsPayment terms of the PO.
Vendor ContactFree type field to be used to enter a contact name at the vendor.
Order #The PO# is automatically generated.


Vendor Information:

This section is used to enter the vendor's information, existing vendors can also be looked up using F6 or the ellipse button in the vendor name field.


Ship To:

Ship to populates with your company information by default.


Adding Products

To add products to your PO, enter the quantity and do one of the following. To Look Up a Product By Make - Continue to the Make field, type in either the full Make or partial and press F6. To Look Up a Product By Model - Continue to the Model field, type in either the full Model or partial and press F6. To Enter an Item Not Already In Inventory - Enter the Make, Model and Cost desired. Upon saving the PO, you will be prompted if you wish to add to inventory.

After all products have been entered, click on Save. Now you are ready to print your PO and submit to your Vendor. After all products are entered and you are certain no changes will need to be made.


Posting Purchase Order:

To post the purchase order click on functions, then Post Order.

(NOTE: If there is a chance that the order could contain different products upon receipt, you should wait to post until you are ready to receive)


Receive Product:

To receive items, go to Functions and Receive Product. On the receive purchase order items window enter the quantity of items received. You can also modify the cost of these inventory items at this time if needed, and click next.

You can now enter the serial number and also the vendor invoice # at this time. When done select Save, and you will be prompted if you want to print labels or create an accounts payable.