TSS Plus to TSS XP

TSS XP Transfer Guide




Advantages of transferring to TSS XP:

Standard Windows interface, resembling Microsoft Outlook and other applications.

Multiple document interface, allows you to view multiple windows at once. For instance, two invoices can be viewed/edited at the same time. Also, if you are in the middle of creating an invoice, but you need to look up an AR record, the schedule, or another invoice you can do so without saving and exiting the current invoice.

Much more powerful scheduler, including the new Parking Log feature which allows the user to 'park' an install and then drag/drop to any bay when the user knows which bay it is going into. This is great for shops that want to see what is happening at a glance, but do not pre-schedule appointments.

Common pitfalls encountered when transferring to XP:

Items with large quantities - you could run into issues if you track wire by the foot or other items that require large quantities

All invoices MUST be posted prior to transferring to XP



Run a test transfer

It is HIGHLY recommended to run a test transfer before going live. TSS XP and TSS Plus can be ran at the same time so we recommend you do a test transfer and then run the two systems side by side to verify that 

Processes that will change when moving from Plus to XP:

Inventory -

When creating a Purchase Order in XP, it is recommended to NOT post the PO until you receive the product. TSS XP will NOT allow you to modify the PO after it is posted, TSS Plus allowed you to do this.