How to Backup


Backups are easily created through the Database Maintenance Wizard when you click on the Ambulance icon in the bottom right of the TSS main menu. Select 'Manually Specify', click next and choose 'Backup Database Files', select the appropriate hard drive (note: trying to write straight to a blank CD WILL NOT WORK), USB thumb drive, or floppy disk.


Error #40:

This most likely means other network computers are not logged out of TSS and are causing the database files to be in use. Close these workstations down and restart the backup procedure. If this does not solve the issue, reboot the server.


Error #300

You are out of space, remove any unnecessary files to clear up space on that drive or backup to another storage device.




The backup settings and locations are located in the InstallerNet Application Server.

You can find this by double clicking on the IN found on your server's desktop.

Select Backup under Server Options

These are the default settings when the program is installed.

It is recommended to change the interval to Daily and also change the backup path to a location that is not saved locally on the computer.

Other locations could be an external hard drive or a thumb drive.  Another option is a free online service called dropbox which stores any data saved to it on the cloud.

Dropbox creates a folder on your computer that is saved on the cloud.  If you changed your backup path to this folder, all backups would be retrievable by logging into dropbox.


You can also manually backup by selecting these options:


The same can be done when TSS is open also:


Another great option is that a backup can be run when end of day is selected.

Go to report groups under reports.


Then select Backup data when group runs: