Installing TSS

Download the TSS Installer from the following link.

The installation process of TSS is a straight-forward process. Click next on the first two screens, the installer will prompt you for the Install Type. There are two types of installs available:

  • Full Install - TSS is a client/server application which means that it requires two applications to run. The typical installation will install both applications on one system and link them together. Typically the TSS application (both client and server) will be installed on the server and then each workstation (if any exist) will be mapped to the servers shared drive and the application will be ran over the network.
  • Client Install - This option should only be used in an instance where the client is, for instance, a laptop that may be accessing the server over the internet from a mobile or home location. To set this up, the server would need to be accessible via port 4325 from the internet. Please consult your network administrator to set this up.

The installer will continue and prompt you for the location that TSS should be installed (default path is recommended), etc. Once finished, a shortcut will be available on the desktop to launch the application.