How Do I Get Support?


If you need help with the operation, installation, or maintenance or TSS XP you can call our Help Desk line at (800) 728-3334. Alternate methods are:

  • This wiki, try searching for your issue in the upper right hand corner.
  • Live Chat, this application will allow you electronically chat with technicians and is usually the best method to get quick answers without needing to potentially wait for technician availability by phone. This can be accessed from the main menu at the top of your TSS XP.
  • EMail support can be obtained by emailing your questions to Be sure to include your company main telephone number, contact number and company name.



TSS Plus

TSS Plus support can be obtained using the same methods as TSS XP with the exception of Live Chat. In order to access Live Chat in TSS Plus (not originally included as an option), start TSS, click on Help and then View Specials. This will open a web page with the option to download the Live Chat client. When prompted, click on Run and follow the prompts.