How do my installers log their job time?


In TSS installers may log on and off jobs easily. They may jump from job to job,logging on and off each job as the day goes on. They can log on and off a job as often as needed. TSS will track all their logged times and make this information available in various reports. Management and Salespersons can open any invoice and view installer's logged time at any point in time.

Logging on or off

To log on or off a job go to Management -> Job Log In / Out on the main menu or press the Alt+J key combination.

This will open the Job Log screen.

Enter your password then enter the invoice number of the job you are working on. Now select desired action.... logging on or off.

If you selected to log on then all the labor items on the invoice will be shown. Select the item to log on to by checking the box on that line. Select only one item. If you will be working on more than one item you will have to log on to each item by closing then reopening this screen.

If you selected to log off then only the items you are currently logged on to will be shown. Select the item you are logging off from by checking the box on the correct line.

Viewing Logged Time

Open an invoice and select View Installer Time Log from the Functions menu.

This will open the Installer Work Log for the invoice. In the log shown here installer JB24 has logged 0.4 hours on the first invoice item, and is currently still working on the second item (indicated by the asterisk at the right of the line). Total time logged so far on this invoice is shown at the bottom of the form. This log may be printed if desired.