Uploading Product Lists (Retailer)

The Content API/Fit Guide can be configured to return only products sold by a retailer. This can be accomplished by Installernet in two ways:

Brand Selection

Pre-selecting the brands the retailer carries will allow all products for those brands that are in our master database to be available in the fit guide. This is the easiest option (maintenance wise) but may return products for a particular brand that the retailer does not actually carry.

Product File

The alternative (or in addition to) is to send a list of the products carried; either by a manual process (email) or automated (FTP). Either method uses the standard retailer template. The FTP process runs each night and products that are in our Master Database will be available in the fit guide immediately after the file has been processed.

Note: This should be used by retailers only, not manufactures. This process pulls information into company/user specific fields and not into our master database.

Field Descriptions

Note: Fields in RED are required. 

Add/Remove - Must be "Add" or "Remove" - "Add" will update existing product if added previously.

Part Number - Manufacturer model number

Company Part Number - Retailer specific part number if different than the manufacturer part number - If provided, this will be returned as the "Part Number" via both the API and Fit Guides.

Category - Custom retailer specific category for the item. In Fit Guides, the product will show under this category and in the API this will be returned as "Custom Category".

Description - Retailer specific description will override manufacturer description if provided.

Large Description - Retailer specific large description will override manufacturer large description if provided.

On Landing Page - N/A

Available In Store - Flag usable on both fit guide and API (AvailableInStore)

Available Online - Flag usable on both fit guide and API (AvailableOnline)

Special Order - Flag usable on both fit guide and API (SpecialOrder)

Application Notes - Information regarding the fit specific or application the product can be used in. Available via the API (ApplicationNotes)

Website Link - Used to link the product in the fit guide to the user specified product detail page. Also available in the API (Link)

SKU - User specified SKU available for use in the API (SKU)